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newsletters - 2023

November 2023

November Evaluation & Critique

Backing up Digital Image Files

Annular Solar Eclipse Pictures

October 2023

Astrophotography Program

Computers for Photography

September Evaluation & Critique

September 2023

September Evaluation Photos

Photoshop or Lightroom Article

Wildlife Photography Article

August 2023

Photoshop Workshop

Post-processing Photos

July Evaluation

July 2023

Fireworks Article

Heat and Your Camera

July Evaluation and Critique

June 2023

Solar Eclipse Events
May Evaluation & Critique

Summer Field Trips

March 2023

Astrophotography Program

Wildflower Photography Tips

Members Wildflower Pictures

February 2023

Astrophotography by Linda Avitt & Mike Stys

Photography Festival in Georgetown, TX
January Minutes